Next Parish Council Meeting

The next Parish Council meeting is on Wednesday 8th December 2021.      Please note this is a change of date from previously published. The agenda is shown in the Agenda section within the Parish Council tab of this website.

White Swan Public House

The Asset of Community Value (ACV) applied for on the White Swan has been approved by Ryedale DC & is on their Register of Community Assets as from 19 August 2021. Also,the Ryedale DC commissioned review of the planning application viability report  has been completed and can be viewed on the planning portal on Ryedale DC website.:

Phone Box – Thornton-le-Clay

The Parish Council is looking for someone to renovate the phone box free of charge. The phone box is currently in storage. If someone will renovate it, it will be sited in its original position in the village. Please go to Phone Box for more details and the specification. We would appreciate any offers by 31 December 2021 otherwise the parish council will have to consider selling the telephone box.